7 Summer Activities Seniors Enjoy

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jun 15, 2016 11:30:00 AM

7-Summer-Activities-Seniors-Enjoy.jpgSummer is a time for outdoor fun and more relaxing activities. Many seniors feel left out of family planning, however, because they are no longer able to do the things they once enjoyed. It doesn’t have to be that way if you plan ahead. Make the most of your time together by choosing fun summertime activities your elderly loved ones can also participate in.

1. Enjoy the Beach

For many, summertime equals beach time. Seniors can benefit as much as anyone else from spending time relaxing in the sun, as long as they wear sunglasses, a hat and plenty of sunscreen for maximal protection from the sun. A life jacket provides extra security if they choose to venture out into the water.

2. Take in a Baseball Game

The boys of summer can provide an entertaining evening or afternoon if you take your loved one to a ballgame. Enjoy a ballpark hot dog and cold soda as you cheer on your favorite team. Be sure to pack a soft cushion, because the seats can get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

3. Visit a State Park

Many state parks feature handicap accessible trails, which means you could rent a cart or a wheelchair if your loved one can’t walk the entire way. Pack a picnic and a camera so you can make an afternoon of it as you watch for interesting wildlife and .

4. Plant a Garden

Many seniors love to garden, and this is one hobby they can continue even with limited mobility. Simply change to container gardening and select herbs, flowers, and vegetables that don’t require a lot of space. Your loved one will enjoy exercising their green thumb, and caring for something will give them an added sense of purpose.

5. Become a Local Tourist

Often we are so busy working and getting the kids to their activities that we don’t take the time to enjoy the attractions in our own towns. Retirement is a wonderful time to discover what your local community has to offer for your senior loved one. Maybe you’ve never checked out the local theater or college art displays. Find out what museums are close by; many of them are free and not very busy.

6. Plan a Day Trip

Even if your parent isn’t able to take a long vacation, they can still enjoy new sights with a day trip. Figure out a place to visit where they’ve never been before – somewhere about two or three hours away. Schedule a couple of fun activities,time for a meal, and spend the day with them. New sights will capture your parent’s interest, and they’ll still be back home before late.

7. Go for a Walk

Summer is the perfect time to get more exercise outdoors, and walking is a healthy activity for seniors. Walk around the neighborhood or find a new nature trail. Here at Daystar Retirement Village, we have a lovely park like setting complete with an easy walking path.

Keeping your loved one active will enhance their quality of life. At Daystar, we focus on the entire person and offer a variety of activities year-round to exercise residents’ minds and bodies. Visit us today to see how we care for your loved one!

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