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What to Do With Your Belongings When Moving to a Senior Community

Certified Aging in Place Remodel or Assisted Living - A Comparison

Solo Activities for Seniors, Rain or Shine

The Importance of Bringing Generations Together in 2019

7 Myths About Exercise and Aging

2019 Group Activities to Engage Seniors

Understanding Your Aging Parents: Seniors’ Top 10 Fears

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Ease Stress, Calm Your Mind & Body - Welcome to Meditating

Assisted Living Or In-Home Care? Comparing Costs In West Seattle

Small Towns to Visit this Winter Around Seattle

Best 2018 Black Friday Strategies in Seattle

Navigating the Single Life as a Senior

How to Overcome a Potential Health Gap in an Aging Relationship

Staying Safe on the Road as a Senior Driver

Retirement Community Living: What Can I Afford?

Minimalism: Free Up Mental Space by Eliminating Physical Clutter

How to Start Your Very Own Senior Lifestyle Blog

Best Fishing Spots Around Seattle

Find a Pen-pal: Discover the Benefits of Staying Engaged

Best Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your Apartment

A Few Tips for Navigating the Changing Social Climate as a Senior

Seven Senior Friendly Activities to do in the Rain in Seattle

Five Senior Friendly Activities to do Before Fall Arrives

Avoid Getting Sick! Prepping Your Body for Seasonal Change

Traveling With the Whole Family

Defeating the Anger of Aging

Musicians and Senior Living

Assisted Living for Couples

Can Those Dance Classes Improve Your Health

Making the Most of Technology: Staying In Touch With Your Family in Assisted Living

How to Live in a Senior Community as an Introvert

Can Life Insurance Help Pay For Long Term Senior Care?

12 Tips for Touring Independent Living Communities

Biggest Challenges with Senior Living Communities

10 Benefits to Independent Living

How to Find Great Support Groups in West Seattle

7 Steps to Becoming Your Parent's Power of Attorney

5 Ways to Help Your Parents Manage Their Finances

The Power of Yoga as a Senior

Daydreaming Can Improve Your Creativity and Problem Solving Side

The Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

How to Celebrate Your Dad This Father's Day

3 Ways to Protect Your Wandering Loved One

Does Life Get Better as You Age?

6 Tips for Boosting Your Senior Parent's Appetite

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

How to Bring Awareness and Prevention to Osteoporosis

11 Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities in West Seattle

7 Ways to Plan the Perfect Staycation in West Seattle

How to Deal with Boomerang Kids When You’re a Senior

Before Becoming Your Parent's Caregiver, Ask Yourself These Questions

Great Recipes to Promote a Healthy Heart for Your Favorite West Seattle Senior

The Difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home in West Seattle

Working out Can Help with Alzheimer's Risk

What Seniors Should and Shouldn't do on Facebook

The Values of Retirement Community in West Seattle

How to Structure Your Day as a Caregiver

Stay in Touch with Family Throughout the Year

Healthy Ways to Promote Memory in Seniors

Concerns and Fears about Moving Your Parents into an Assisted Living Community

Great Games for Seniors to Play

6 Ways to Prevent Pneumonia in Seniors

How Respite Care Could Help a Caregiver After the Holidays

How to Stay Healthy in the New Year

Managing the Holidays with Your Aging Parent

Signs to Look for when You're Concerned about Your Aging Parent's Well-Being

The Differences between Assisted and Independent Living

With No One to Help, How Can Elders Take Care of Themselves

How to Plan For the Holidays with Your Aging Parent in West Seattle

4 Things to Help While Caring for Someone with Dementia

Helping Your Parents Overcome Common Fears of Aging

How to Find the Perfect West Seattle Assisted Living Facility

Senior Living: Fun Things to Do in West Seattle

How to Use Your Home to Help You Reach Your Retirement Goals

Assisted Living - What does that look like?

15 Questions to Ask About How Your Parent Will Remain Independent

Steps to Take to Get Your Home Ready When Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

What are the Rules for Visiting my Parent at Your Assisted Living Facility?

8 Questions to Ask About Cost at an Assisted Living Facility

4 Questions to Ask When Assessing Levels of Care for an Aging Parent

Will my Parent Be Alone in Assisted Living?

How Can I Check on My Loved One?

Should On-Site Physical Therapy Make a Difference?

5 Questions to Ask About Staff at an Assisted Living Home

How to Identify and Reduce Caregiver Stress: FAQ Explored

The Importance of Bathroom Handrails for Seniors

How to Not Feel Guilty About Taking Care of You When You are a Caregiver

10 Questions to ask When Evaluating the Safety of Assisted Living

What Should My Role Be When My Parent Goes into Assisted Living?

7 Summer Activities Seniors Enjoy

Dealing with Tough Emotions as Your Parent Ages

On-Site Health Providers Keep Seniors Healthy and Happy in West Seattle

Different Levels of Care Ensure Seniors Get the Help They Need in West Seattle

Delicious Meals with Plenty of Choices Help Seniors Stay Healthy in West Seattle

Daystar Residents Enjoy Ideal Location for Enjoying West Seattle and Beyond

“Can I Trust the Staff?” Daystar Residents Say it Best in West Seattle

5 Things to do Before Filing a Claim for Long-Term Care Benefits

Learn Coping Strategies at Memory Loss Workshop in West Seattle

Daystar Hosts Antique Appraisal Event April 16 in West Seattle

POLST Ensures End-of-Life Choices for Seniors in West Seattle

Are You Emotionally Prepared for Retirement in West Seattle?

Great Movies for Grownups in West Seattle

Learn More About Shingles And Why Vaccines Are So Important Seniors

Tips to Bridge the Miles Between Seniors and Grandchildren in West Seattle

“Nine To Ninety” Tackles Big Questions About Elder Care

Smart Phone Apps Help Seniors Relax and Sleep in West Seattle

Daystar Retirement Village supports new habits for seniors in 2016

Self-Compassion Necessary in Caregiving Decisions in West Seattle

Selling a Home to Finance Senior Living May Make Sense in West Seattle

Less Is More for Residents of Daystar Retirement Campus

Depression is Not a Normal Part of Aging in West Seattle

Helping a loved one adjust to assisted living in West Seattle

Starting a conversation about assisted living in West Seattle

Tips for seniors coping with grief during the holidays in West Seattle

Silver Friendships Blossom at Daystar Retirement Campus

Seniors In West Seattle Find Gratitude Key to Holiday Happiness

Understanding Different Levels of Care for Seniors in West Seattle

Daystar Honors Veterans In Nov. 11 Celebration In West Seattle

Take Steps to Avoid Medical Identity Theft in West Seattle

Failing to Plan for Long-term Care Creates Stress For Seniors in West Seattle

Responsible Child or Caregiver and Does It Matter in West Seattle?

A Protein-rich Diet can Help Seniors Avoid Falls in West Seattle

Coloring as Meditation For Seniors in West Seattle

West Seattle Farmer’s Market

Something’s Always Cooking For Seniors at Daystar in West Seattle

Life-long Learning Key To Better Living For Seniors In West Seattle

Make Sure Loved Ones Know Your End-of-Life Wishes In West Seattle

‘Sandwich Generation’ Gets Squeezed By Competing Demands in West Seattle

Daystar Residents Share Love Of Reading With Children In West Seattle

Focus On 7 Strategies To Promote Healthy Aging In West Seattle

Summer in West Seattle Offers So Much For Active Seniors To Enjoy

Preparing for Travel is A Snap When Seniors Live at Daystar Retirement Village

Summer is a Great Time to Plan a Move to Assisted Living in West Seattle

Celebrate July 4th with Seniors at Daystar Retirement Village

Daystar Residents Enjoy Clean Eating To Good Health in West Seattle

Daystar Staff Enjoy Working With Seniors in West Seattle

Give Dad the Gift Of Time For Father’s Day in West Seattle

Daystar Residents Share Stories And Advice in West Seattle

Figuring Out the Cost Of Assisted Living In West Seattle

Maintain Healthy Weight To Guard Against Dementia In West Seattle

Post-Surgery Care In West Seattle Helps Seniors Focus On Recovery

Let It Go! Ask Mom To Fill a Box With “Stuff” For Mother’s Day In West Seattle

17 Questions To Help Start a Conversation About Long-Term Care In West Seattle

Four Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce Dementia Risk For Seniors In West Seattle

Spring Has Sprung At Daystar Retirement Village in West Seattle

What Does Good Post-Surgery Care Look Like For Seniors In West Seattle?

Preventing Pain an Ongoing Process for Active Seniors in West Seattle

Seniors Living Longer, and Better, at Daystar Retirement Village in West Seattle

“Lessons for Loving” Echo Wisdom of Seniors in West Seattle

Seniors Take the Initiative in Planning the Fourth Quarter in West Seattle

Daystar Retirement Village Centrally Located In West Seattle For Active Seniors And Their Families

What Baby Boomers Want In Assisted Living In West Seattle

Monitor Elder Finances To Protect Against Fraud In West Seattle

Relationship Difficulties Possible Clue To Elder Stress In West Seattle

Good Shoes Reduce the Risk of Falling For Seniors in West Seattle

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Problems for Seniors Seattle

Daystar Retirement Village Serves Up Healthy Choices For Seniors in West Seattle

Baby Steps are Key To Helping Seniors Create Good Habits in West Seattle

Planning For the New Year In Assisted Living in West Seattle

Creating New Traditions For Your New Life In West Seattle

8 Signs It Might Be Time For Assisted Living In West Seattle

It’s a Wonderful Life at Daystar Retirement Village in West Seattle

Dealing With Grief During the Holidays In West Seattle

1940s Trivia Quiz Primes the Pump For Seniors To Share Stories In West Seattle

Avoid Sugary Soda For Longer Life In West Seattle

Giving Thanks in West Seattle For Everyday Blessings

Daystar Dining Helps Keep Appetites Up, Illness Down In West Seattle

Goofy Costumes Create Happy And Healthy Halloween For Seniors In West Seattle

10 Tips For Creating a Stress-Free Holiday In West Seattle

Decluttering Tips For Seniors Who Want To Simplify Life In West Seattle

Pets Are Good Companions For Seniors In West Seattle

10 Tips For Preventing Alzheimer’s In West Seattle

Starting the Conversation With Seniors In West Seattle

Seniors In West Seattle Sing-Along To Get Happy

Making Assisted Living Affordable For Seniors In West Seattle

Making the Most Of Doctor Appointments For Seniors In West Seattle

Adjust Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Avoiding Caregiver Burnout in West Seattle

Elder Mediators Can Help Families End Conflict, Find Consensus In West Seattle Senior Care

Finding Amazing Assisted Living In West Seattle

12 Reasons For Seniors To Exercise In West Seattle

5 Summer Foods To Help Seniors In West Seattle Stay Hydrated

Keeping Seniors Safe From Sunstroke In West Seattle

West Seattle Farmers Market Serves Up Super-Healthy Foods For Seniors

Hearing Loss Can Cause Isolation Among Seniors In West Seattle

Staying Young-At-Heart In West Seattle

Going Online Can Boost Mental Health For Seniors In West Seattle

How To Choose a Retirement Community In West Seattle

Five Tips For Talking With a Loved One With Alzheimers In West Seattle

Older Americans Month Raises Awareness For Fall Prevention In West Seattle

Using Music To Fight Dementia In West Seattle Seniors

Reconsidering ideas about old age in West Seattle

When parents age in West Seattle

Acceptance is key to increased happiness for seniors in West Seattle

Five tips for age-proofing your finances in West Seattle

Safe Driving Tips For Seniors In West Seattle

Tips For Making Friends After 60 In West Seattle

Tips For Communicating With a Loved One With Dementia

Care Referral Services Can Help Seniors In West Seattle

Talking To Your Loved One About Assisted Living In West Seattle

5 Simple Tips To Celebrate American Heart Month In West Seattle

Keeping Seniors Safe In Assisted Living In West Seattle

7 Strategies For Helping Seniors With Depression In West Seattle

Savvy Seniors Choose Cars That Fit Their Needs In West Seattle

5 Flu-Fighting Foods For Seattle Seniors

Walking Solutions For Seniors In West Seattle

Connecting With Grandkids Online At Daystar Retirement Village

How Do You Know If Your Parent Is Safe? Signs To Look For In Residential Care

5 Festive Films For Seniors In West Seattle

7 Suggestions For Surviving the Holidays With Less Stress In West Seattle

Paying For Assisted Living In West Seattle If the House Hasn’t Sold

How Do I Know If My Parent Can Afford Assisted Living In West Seattle?

What’s the Right Time To Move To Assisted Living In West Seattle?

Does Your Parent Need Professional Care? 9 Signs To Watch For

Use Caution When Hiring an In-Home Health Care Aide In West Seattle

Standby Help Or Full-Time Care? What’s the Right Answer For Your Mom Or Dad In West Seattle?

Is It Time For a Professional Caregiver? 9 Signs To Watch For

Assisted Living Residents Are Very Happy With Community Living

Seven Steps For Making a Move To Assisted Living In West Seattle

Connecting With Grandkids Is Easy At West Seattle Assisted Living

West Seattle Seniors Prove Wisdom Comes With Age

Creating Healthy Habits in a Cinch At Assisted Living In West Seattle

Farmer’s Market a Sunday Treat For Seniors In West Seattle

Rising Home Prices Create Opportunities For Seniors In West Seattle

Senior Tips For Beating the Heat In West Seattle Assisted Living

Inspiring Reading Suggestions For Active Seniors In West Seattle

Preserving Memories And Telling Stories In West Seattle

West Seattle Is a Great Place For Seniors To Get Creative And Express Themselves

Balloon Volleyball, Anyone? Low-Impact Exercises For West Seattle Seniors

West Seattle Assisted Living Is Affordable Alternative To In-Home Care

Father’s Day In West Seattle Celebrates Lifetimes Of Caring

Celebrating Memorial Day In West Seattle

Senior Strong In West Seattle

Conversation Tips: Do Your Parents Need Help Managing Their Money?

How To Acknowledge the Loss Of a Spouse

Anticipation Is Half the Fun For Senior Travelers In West Seattle

Discover the Benefits Of Seated Tai Chi In West Seattle

10 Signs It May Be Time To Consider Assisted Living In West Seattle

Daystar Hosts Social Media Workshops For Seniors In West Seattle

Scaling Back For a Worry-Free Lifestyle In West Seattle

Caring For the Caregiver In West Seattle

Banishing Boredom At Daystar In West Seattle

Growing Wheatgrass Easter Baskets In West Seattle

Boeing Museum Of Flight Perfect For Afternoon Outing

Computer Games Can Be a Fun Change Of Pace For All Ages

Daystar Village Ideally Situated For No-Hassle Transportation

Valentine Wreath Is a Fun Afternoon Project

Walking a Garden Path Improves Focus

Pass On the Febreze And Plant a Ficus Instead

Count Your Blessings With a Gratitude Jar

Maintaining Independence While Living At Daystar

It’s a Worry-Free Life At Daystar

Say Goodbye To Winterizing, Yard Work And House Work At Daystar

Effects Of Power Outages Not a Problem At Daystar

Daystar Retirement Village: Upcoming events in Seattle

Daystar Retirement Village: Finding Your Purpose After Retirement

Daystar Retirement Village: Charity Scams

Daystar Retirement Village: Gratitude

What is Forest Therapy and How Does it Help Seattle Seniors?

How Therapy Dogs Benefit Seniors in the Seattle Area

Beware of Funeral and Cemetery Fraud in Seattle

How Seniors in the Seattle Area Can Improve Their Bone Health

Senior Fire Safety

Senior Safety – Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

Three Steps to Help You Choose the Right Seattle Senior Living Community

Senior Drivers – When is it time to take the keys away?

Seattle-area Retirement Living: When young children come to visit

Connecting Your Senior Parents to the Digital World: Why It Matters to Them

Senior Living in Seattle: New Ways to Preserve Old Memories

Senior Living in Seattle: Does the Senior Community You’re Looking at Reflect the Kind of Lifestyle You Want for Your Parent?

Senior Exercise in Seattle: Is Tai Chi for You?

Seattle Senior Living: Building Community

Senior Living in Seattle: Don’t Stop Learning!

Seattle Senior Living: More Than Just a Nice Apartment

Retirement Communities in West Seattle: Do I Have to Send Dad Away?

Retirement Living in Seattle: Maintaining Healthy Bodies and Minds

Seattle Area Retirement Living: What About the Food?

West Seattle Retirement Communities: Will Mom and Dad Be Bored?

Resources for Seniors: Let the Learning Continue!

Help for Seattle Caregivers—Even When Responsibilities Change

Don’t Go It Alone: Partnering with Your Seattle Area Retirement Community Staff

Moving to a Retirement Community: How I Knew It Was Time for a Change for Mom

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: What Do You Want From Your Seattle Area Retirement Community?

20 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Seattle Area Retirement Community: It’s Not a Game

7 Things to Look For When Checking Out a Seattle Area Retirement Community

Senior Exercise and Aging in Seattle

What Mom and Dad Fear As They Get Older

Long Distance Care: A Growing Concern

What Does Your Dad Hear When You Say “Retirement Community”?

Questions Your Mom Will Never Ask You

Diminished Capacity Isn’t the End of an Active Life

When Your Parent Resists “The Move”

How Siblings Can Survive Parents' Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy

Join Us for an Open Conversation with Daystar Residents and Families

How Do You Know if It’s Time for Assisted Living?

Speaking Your Parents’ Language: The Challenge of Communicating with Aging Parents

Finding the Right Retirement Community: Questions to Ask the Staff

Senior Exercise: Use It Or Lose It

Senior Well-being: The Importance of Staying Physically and Socially Active

Chinese New Year's Party at Daystar!

Assisted Living Seminar Rescheduled

Here’s to Your Health! Pass (on) the Sugar!

Assisted Living Seminar at Daystar Retirement Village

What Do You Want to Remember?

Are Your Parents Ready for a Retirement Community? Some Telltale Signs

Staying in Touch—Even When You Can’t Be There in Person

Time Out for Caregivers

Three Simple, Specific Steps to Keeping One New Year’s Resolution

Hospitality in a New Location: Senior Living in Seattle

Assisted Living in Seattle: How Important is the Staff?

Retirement Community Living in Seattle: It’s No Game

Better Assisted Living in Seattle: Becoming Part of the Community

Retirement Community Living: Leaning on the Community

Senior Living in Seattle: Age-appropriate Fitness

Retirement Living Resources - Book Review of A Unique Generation: 70+

Assisted Community Living: Having “The Talk” With Your Parents

Retirement Living in Seattle: How Do I Choose?

Senior Living in Seattle: Winter Tips for Warmth and Safety

Seattle Retirement Community Living: Senior Memory Boosts

Active Retirement Lifestyle: Things For Seniors To Do in the Seattle Area

Retirement Living: Game On!

Movie Night at Daystar Retirement Village in Seattle – Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Retirement Community Event: Lunch & Learn

Moving to A West Seattle Retirement Community: Who’s Going to Pay for This?

Seattle Retirement Community Living: What Will I Do with My House?

Retirement Living in Seattle: Organizing Before the Move

What does Halloween Look Like at a Seattle Retirement Community?

Retirement Community Tips: What If My Parents Insist They Won't Move

Healthy Senior Living: Foods Giving Nutritional Value

Seattle Retirement Activities: Woodland Park Zoo Presentation

Senior Living Tips: Social Connections Increase Quality of Life

Retirement Living – Nature Helps Restore Good Health

Smart Eating for Seattle Seniors: An Important Part of Retirement Living

Choosing a Seattle Retirement Community: Talk to the Residents!

Help Parents Record Memories Before Moving to a Retirement Village

Healthy Senior Living: How Exercise Helped Mom Gain Energy

Senior Living Advice: Choices That Help You Get The Most Out Of Life

Senior Living in Seattle: Is It Time for a Retirement Community?

Seattle Senior Living: Therapy Dog Visit

Power of Attorney Seminar at our Seattle Retirement Community

Senior Living: Eating Well is a Lifestyle

Healthly Senior Living After You Retire

Retirement Living In Seattle: Helping a Parent Deal with Downsizing

Retirement Living in Seattle: Who’s Making the Decision?

Seattle Retirement Activities: Ice Cream with the Grandkids!

Retirement Community Safety Tips: State Fire Inspections

Home Care or Assisted Living: Which Choice is Right for You?

Seattle Retirement Activities: Trekkin' to NW Trek!

“What Do I Do About My House When I Move To A Retirement Community?”

Is Remodeling or Retirement Community the Best Senior Living Option?

Senior Living Tips: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Is Remodeling or Retirement Community the Best Senior Living Option?

What Are My Retirement Community Care Options?

Seattle Retirement Living: Good Nutrition Disguised as Great Food

Back to Back Events At Your Very Own West Seattle Retirement Community

Seattle Retirement Community Living: The More You Know, The Better Your Decision

Safe and Sound at Daystar Retirement Village

Daystar Retirement is Heading to the 2011 Hi Yu Parade!

Retirement Community Living: What’s the Essential Process?

Seattle Retirement Lifestyle for The Active Older Adult

Finding the Right Seattle Retirement Community: Does Location Matter?

Ten Ways To Tell It’s Time For Assisted Living

Retirement Community Living: 10 Tips for Building Relationships

What Does Ready Look Like for Retirement Community Living?

Helping Your Aging Parents: A Resource for Learning to Speak Their Language

Seniors and Exercise: A Great Combination for Seattle Senior Living

Dealing with Senior Issues: A Helpful Resource for Senior Living

Persistence is Important—Even When Mom Says She’s Not Ready for Retirement Living

Retirement Community Living: Coming to Terms with the Terms

What to Look for in a Seattle Retirement Community

Are Your Parents Ready for a West Seattle Retirement Community?

Choosing the Right Seattle Retirement Community: Getting Started

Seattle Retirement Living: When Your Mom Says She’s Not Ready

Choosing a Seattle Retirement Community: Questions to Ask the Staff

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