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Daystar Senior Living Blog

What to Look for in a Seattle Senior Living Community

3 Assisted Living Facts vs. Fiction

Understanding Different Levels of Care in Retirement Communities

Questions to Ask When Preparing to Tour an Assisted Living Community

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living: Which Is Best for You?

The Most Important Legal Documents for Seniors to Have

Best Nature Trails & Parks for Seniors in the Seattle Area

Life-Long Learning Tips for Seniors in West Seattle

Cruise Destinations for Seniors in Seattle

7 Technologies Seniors Use to Improve Their Lives

What Seniors Should and Shouldn't Do on Facebook

Which Travel Destination Fits Your Active Senior Lifestyle?

Summer Activities for Active Seniors to Enjoy

Top 9 Physical Activities for Seniors

Top 10 Questions to Ask on Your Senior Living Tour

7 Ways to Connect with Your Adult Parent

7 Ways to Make New Friends After Retirement

Technologies for Seniors that Make Life Much Easier

How to Help Aging Parents That Refuse Care

Navigating the Holidays With Your Aging Parents

The 7 Best Retirement Communities in Washington State

Questions to Ask Your Senior’s Caregiver

What is a Healthy Weight for Seniors and How Do You Maintain it?

30 Questions to Ask Your Parent About Your Family Tree

4 Ways Senior Living Boosts Mental Health

Which Indoor Plants Fit Your Senior Lifestyle?

Dementia & Your Parent: What You Need To Do Before It's Too Late

Be Sure to Steer Clear of These 7 Latest Senior Scams

Doctor Recommended Anxiety Coping Strategies for Seniors

How You Can Help Your Senior Loved-One Cope with Grief

4 Retirement Gift Ideas for Your Senior Friends

Chronic Pain Issue? 4 Strategies for Managing Chronic Pain for Seniors

Seniors in Seattle: How Can I Treat Skin Bruising?

Seniors Well-Being in 2021: How to Manage Senior Health Issues

Medication Management Tips for Your Seniors in West Seattle

Different Levels of Senior Care: Are You Getting the Help You Need?

Daystar Senior Retirement Wins National Quality Award

How To Move Forward After Becoming a Widow or Widower

Apartment Living & Dining for Seniors in West Seattle

When’s the Right Time To Move To Assisted Living In West Seattle?

How Much Do Senior Apartments near Seattle Cost?

Top 7 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Mistakes to Avoid After Pacemaker Surgery near Seattle

Daystar's COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic: Safe & Successful!

Journaling for Seniors: How to Get Started & How It Boosts Memory

2021 Book Club Picks for Seniors near Seattle

Optimism in 2021: Better Things on the Horizon

Your Questions Answered: Life at Daystar [& Video!]

The Best Dogs for Seniors: Which Breed Fits Your Lifestyle?

Gratitude Jars: Ideas for Counting Your Blessings as You Age

How to Modify a Bathroom and Tub with Grab Bars for Seniors in Seattle

How We're Keeping Residents Engaged During COVID-19

15 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Home Health Agency Caregivers

What to Do When a Senior Parent Refuses to Move into Assisted Living

7 Things to Do with Grandparents Online

Prioritizing Resident & Staff Well-being Amid COVID-19

Tips for Self-Isolating as a Senior in West Seattle

How to Improve Senior Mental Health During Times of Isolation

Dehydration Facts for Seniors in Washington

Seniors' Top 10 Fears of Aging: Senior Living 101

How to Structure Your Day as a Caregiver

The Pros and Cons of Seniors Living Alone at Home

Balance and Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

Celebrating Memorial Day In West Seattle

7 Best Independent Living Communities in Washington State

Things For Seniors To Do in the Seattle Area

Biggest Challenges with Independent Living Communities

Is Remodeling or Retirement Community the Best Senior Living Option?

6 Reasons to Retire in West Seattle

Who Are Ambassadors at Daystar Retirement Village?

Depression Is Not a Normal Part of Aging in West Seattle

Vaccines for Seniors [A Complete Guide]

How to Choose a Retirement Community Near Seattle, WA

2019 Survey Concludes Several Benefits to Retirement Community Living

10 Benefits to Independent Living for Seniors

How to Fight the Flu in the Elderly

Discover the Benefits Of Seated Tai Chi In West Seattle

The Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey

How to Prevent Common Senior Scams

Retirement Community Living in West Seattle: What Can I Afford?

Retirement Community Living: 10 Tips for Building Relationships

Elderly Nutrition Tips: Best Foods for Seniors in West Seattle

Financial Planning for Long Term Senior Care

Caring for Aging Parents: Overcoming Caregiver Guilt, Reducing Stress

Before Becoming Your Parent's Caregiver, Ask Yourself These Questions

Five Senior Friendly Spring Activities in Seattle

What to Do With Your Belongings When Moving to a Senior Community

Certified Aging in Place Remodel or Assisted Living - A Comparison

Solo Activities for Seniors, Rain or Shine

How to Decide if Independent Living in a Community Is Right for You

Musicians & Senior Living

How to Live in a Senior Community as an Introvert

Is It Time For a Professional Caregiver? 9 Signs To Watch For

12 Tips for Touring Independent Living Communities

The Power of Yoga as a Senior

With No One to Help, How Can Elders Take Care of Themselves

What Are the Rules for Visiting My Parent in Assisted Living?

4 Questions to Ask When Assessing Levels of Care for an Aging Parent

Dealing with Tough Emotions as Your Parent Ages

Different Levels of Care Ensure Seniors Get the Help They Need

1940s Trivia: Encouraging Seniors to Share Stories in West Seattle

Diminished Capacity Isn’t the End of an Active Life

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