Assisted Living for Couples

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jul 18, 2018 9:31:51 AM

Many couples spend decades as a happily married pair until one or the other faces failing health and their partner becomes overwhelmed by caregiving. Before you encourage your parents to separate due to medical issues take a look at assisted living communities that encourage partners to continue their lives together.

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Look at Levels of Care

When touring retirement villages make sure they offer different levels of care and offer discounts if one person is still self-sufficient. For example, if your dad has early onset Alzheimer's but your mom has just a touch of arthritis your dad will need more professional care than your mom. Each should be evaluated separately.

Consider Privacy

While your parents may still share a bedroom they may wish to consider a two bedroom apartment when they make their move to assisted living. While the cost will be higher it will give them both some privacy when there are professionals interacting within the apartment. If one gets a cold and needs more care the caregiver can check on the without interrupting the sleep of the healthy mate.

Check out Social Aspects

Just because a couple is married doesn't mean they enjoy the same things. Make sure the community you're considering has activities both will participate in, whether separately or together. This can be vital if one parent has been the primary caregiver because they'll have the opportunity to socialize and go on trips without worrying about their spouse. A partner who is not ambulatory can enjoy classes and other activities they may have been missing because they were unable get out and about in their old home.

Plan Ahead

Make sure the community you choose is able to cover your parents care if their health declines in the future. Ask how their living arrangement will be affected if one needs more critical care in five or ten years or one is widowed, and make sure everyone is comfortable with the answers before you commit to the move.

Help Them Downsize

Moving is stressful, and even more so if you've been in the same place for decades. Help your parents decide what to take and what to leave and whether they want to hire movers or pack their own belongings. Give them options if they're having a hard time parting with years of treasures; consider renting a storage unit for the things they can't bear to part with.

Stay in the Picture

Its difficult moving to a new place and meeting strangers, so try to spend some extra time with your folks and help them settle in. Join them for dinner, explore their new surroundings with them, and make plans for family visits. A good idea is to set up a laptop or tablet with Skype or a similar program so you and their grandkids can check in every day once you leave.

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