Home Care or Assisted Living: Which Choice is Right for You?

Posted by Michele Mintzer on Aug 22, 2011 9:17:00 AM

home care assisted livingMichele Mintzer, Community Relations

We often talk to individuals who are considering what kind of care is right for them—or for a senior for whom they care and some of them are exploring the option of home care.

Skilled home care (nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists) can be pricey, but even “non skilled” or so-called “companion services” usually average around $20 an hour and often require committing to a minimum number of hours daily.  That means hiring even a companion worker for 3 hours per day will cost you about $1,800 a month. 

On top of that, you’ve got the additional worry of “what if something happens during the other 21 hours per day that my senior spends alone?” Add to that the cost of maintaining a house (Don’t forget about housekeeping and yard maintenance!) and you’re looking at a significant expense. An Assisted Living community quickly becomes the smartest financial choice. 

But there’s more than just the financial aspect to consider. Good assisted living communities offer some kind of daily wellness check.  The best communities perform multiple checks at various times—even for independent residents.  Almost all Assisted Living facilities have an emergency pull cord or a wireless emergency button a resident can push to get help—something that’s generally not available at home.

Home care may be a good option for some individuals, but living in a community offers some distinct advantages. We think one of the biggest advantages is the social factor.  Living alone at home often leads to isolation and depression.  Seniors are less likely to isolate themselves in a community that offers a variety of activities.  If you’re considering a retirement community, we suggest you select one that offers a calendar with a variety of opportunities for learning, socializing, and exploring. 

Assisted Living provides safety, security, quality of life, and peace of mind for your senior—and for you—every hour of every day. Maybe that’s why we so often hear our Assisted Living residents say: “I should have done this months ago”.

We’d love to answer any questions you might have about Assisted Living in general—or our Assisted Living options in particular. Please call us at (206) 937-6122 or email us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


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