Senior Living: Eating Well is a Lifestyle

Posted by Eunice Macias on Sep 22, 2011 9:29:00 AM

by  Eunice Macias – Food Services Director

healthy seattle senior livingHealthy eating is a lifestyle that we embrace at Daystar Retirement Village. We believe that achieving good health and staying in shape has less to do with abstaining and more to do with being active, eating healthy foods and connecting with friends. For residents living in our community, we help them get the right nutrition that increases their energy levels. Having a positive outlook along with being emotionally and physically balanced, is the outcome of eating well and being committed to fitness. These habits will keep you on the path to proper Senior Wellness.

When mature adults want to live a healthy and energetic life, we encourage nutritious eating. The key is to know what your needs are and the food sources that you enjoy and which can help you function better. We understand that a well-balanced nutrition will keep our residents strong and healthy, which allows them to discover new joys and to make the most of their favorite pastimes.

Here is a tip to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Find ways to balance your diet and which foods are best for the body. For example, we suggest looking at the USDA recommendations of eating well balanced meals that include fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, fiber, and grains. The USDA also recommends adding calcium and anti-oxidants. Calcium is found in foods like; milk, yogurt and cheese. Non-dairy items like soy or coconut milk, broccoli and almonds are good sources of calcium too. Don’t ignore drinking water because the body needs it to stay properly hydrated.

Remember that balanced nutrition is more than calorie counting. You can feel better immediately and stay healthy for the future by choosing healthy foods. A balanced diet and physical activity contribute to a higher quality of life and enhanced independence as you age.

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