Smart Eating for Seattle Seniors: An Important Part of Retirement Living

Posted by Eunice Macias on Oct 8, 2011 9:10:00 AM

healthy senior By Eunice Macias – Food Services Director

We’re often asked about how we meet the nutritional needs of our residents. We appreciate that question because older adults have special—and sometimes changing—dietary requirements. And while what your senior loved one eats may not be the first thing your think about when considering a retirement community, it’s a very important part of their well-being.

We realize that as our residents age they need fewer calories because they are expending less energy. Of course your senior’s specific requirements may be different from their neighbor across the hall. The American Dietetic Association reports that energy needs vary with factors such as age, sex and activity level.

Anyone who provides meals for seniors needs to keep in mind that changes in a senior’s physiology (a normal part of the aging process) can result in changes to their senior’s sense of taste and smell. These changes can even affect your senior’s ability to properly digest and absorb nutrients.

These things obviously make it a challenge to provide seniors with meals they need and like—something you may have some experience with if you’ve been providing meals for a senior!

That’s one reason our meals at Daystar are prepared by a highly trained staff. We work hard to provide a wide variety of menu choices tailored to the preferences of our residents.  And we ensure that special dietary needs for each of our residents are met.  All food we serve is prepared with a minimum amount of salt, and even though many of our residents have a sweet tooth, we offer sugar-free desserts at every meal.

Reading that we provide nutritious (and delicious!) meals for our residents is one thing, but we’d like to show you what it’s really like. If you’re considering retirement community living in the Seattle area—and good nutrition is important to you—we invite you to join us for a free meal!

We’d love to have you join us, and of course, there’s no obligation. Why not see for yourself how good Seattle retirement living can be?

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