Daydreaming Can Improve Your Creativity and Problem Solving Side

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jun 27, 2017 10:02:00 AM

Daydreaming Can Improve Your Creativity and Problem Solving Side.jpg“Johnna, will you sit up and stop daydreaming!” You may have heard this admonition when you were a kid from a teacher or parent. Daydreaming is often viewed as a waste of time, time that could be better spent actually doing something.

Experts have learned that daydreaming isn’t just wasting time; it actually serves a purpose and can make you better or stronger at certain tasks. The next time you want to spend a little time daydreaming, you can have a valid reason to do so.

Daydreaming is Exercise

Daydreaming puts your brain to work, which is important to help it be able to perform other tasks well. It can help change the physical structure of the brain and create new neural pathways. This enables your brain to work harder at solving problems or being more creative.

You Can Build Creativity

The ability to think outside the box often comes from time spent daydreaming. You may imagine the “what if” scenario and think about a new way to do something. Daydreaming uses bot the analytical and emotional parts of your brain. When they come together, they can create new ideas that you wouldn’t think of in other ways.

Solving Problems is Easier Because You Empathize

Since daydreaming involves the empathetic side of your brain as well as the analytical side, it allows you to be more understanding of others when you’re dealing with a problem. You can see things from their point of view, which helps you come up with a solution that satisfies everyone.

You Connect with Others

Research has shown that some daydreams help you feel stronger emotions with people involved. You may feel a closer connection or more loving with them. This feeling makes it easier to work out problems you have because you genuinely care about them.

You are More Productive

Daydreaming is like a break for the mind. When you go back to whatever task you were on, you’ll find that you feel refreshed and more able to tackle the problem or challenge. You gave your mind a break from trying to deal with whatever task or crisis was at hand. It also helps you have a more positive attitude about whatever you are facing.

You will be Healthier

Daydreaming takes you away from whatever is going on in life to a safe and happy place. During this time, you feel less stress. You may notice you have more energy and feel better in general. Research proves this really does happen with daydreaming. Your body responds to the relaxing time of daydreaming, and you are rejuvenated for dealing with problems or being more creative. It can also help improve memory and keep you more alert.

Idle time doesn’t always have to be wasted time. With all of the benefits of daydreaming, you will discover how much it can benefit your ability to solve problems and be more creative.


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