Healthy Ways to Promote Memory in Seniors

Posted by Jim Fuller on Feb 1, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Healthy-Ways-to-Promote-Memory-in-Seniors.pngIt often seems to be a foregone conclusion that aging means losing one’s memory. Forgetfulness is expected in seniors, and no one gives it a second thought when an elderly person forgets to take their medicines or misses an appointment. However, many seniors remain alert with good memories and the ability to recall events and other facts from many years ago as well as yesterday. Here are some healthy ways to help your senior loved one retain their memory and continue to be alert.

A Healthy Diet

As people age, they often fail to get the right nutrition. Certain vitamins and minerals help promote clarity thinking and alertness. In addition, not eating enough or skipping meals can cause confusion and fatigue, which makes it harder for the person to concentrate.

Along with eating right, seniors need to get exercise and plenty of rest to help them maintain alertness. Even though many people attribute memory loss with mental issues, it can often be indicative of a physical health problem. If a senior is experiencing forgetfulness or confusion, it’s important to see a doctor and rule out medical conditions.

Spend Time with Hobbies

If your loved one enjoys playing the piano or knitting, practicing these skills on a regular basis will help with memory retention. It helps them recall old information like a stitch they know or the placement of the hands for a specific key. Because these are skills they learned a long time ago, it helps them practice their recall ability, which is part of the memory.

Another option is to help the senior learn a new hobby. They aren’t too old to take up knitting or learn to play an instrument if they never had the time before. While it may take them longer to pick up a new skill, the practice will help with memory. Because the brain is a muscle, it’s important to exercise it just like you would the body, and learning a new skill is one way to accomplish that goal.

Play Games

Playing games also sharpens a persons' ability to think and recall information. Whether they like group games like Bingo or solitary games like crossword puzzles, this is a fun way to exercise the brain. Games of strategy or memory recall force the mind to work harder but in a fun way.

For seniors who enjoy new technology, online games provide interaction with others even if they can’t get out or spend a lot of time alone. They can even play some of their favorites online, like Scrabble. At the same time, they can chat with their opponents and make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Here at Daystar, we understand the importance of caring for the mind as well as the body. That is why we provide various activities for seniors to engage in, regardless of their physical limitations. We focus on the entire health of the senior to ensure a higher quality of life.

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