How to Celebrate Your Dad This Father's Day

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jun 15, 2017 7:54:00 AM

How_to_Celebrate_Your_Dad_This_Father_s_Day_.jpgIf your parents are new to assisted living you may be wondering just what to do when it comes to celebrating Father's Day with your dad. Here are some ideas to help you plan your dad's big day:

Go Out

Take your dad out to dinner and a movie, go to a museum or event that he'll enjoy, or spend the day at a park or golf course. If you're not sure ask him where he'd like to go and follow that lead. Pay attention to his energy level though, and be prepared to take an extra break or two if he seems to be getting tired of the action.

Stay In

Sometimes your company is the best gift of all, so you might consider just having a great visit. Bring the grandkids, have a meal in the dining room, and hang out at dad's apartment. Let your dad give you the grand tour and tell you what he enjoys the most about his new home, and meet his friends and neighbors.

Give Gifts

Gifts are always fun to give and receive, so try and make yours appropriate to your dad's lifestyle. If he plays cards get him a few new decks; if he enjoys crossword puzzles or a particular sport or craft choose something in that line that he can use. Photos are always appreciated, as are hand-made cards from the grandkids. If you can't think of anything he'd like sneak a call in to his friends and they'll be delighted to get in on the surprise!

Go the Distance

If you have family members out of town you can set up a time to do a live online visit with your dad. Whether it's one of his siblings or yours, a grandchild who couldn't visit in person, or just an old friend he hasn't seen in a while your dad will love to spend time with someone that’s far away.

Include Others

Speaking of friends, holidays are a good time to be mindful of others. If your dad has a friend or neighbor who has lost a child or has no relatives nearby to celebrate the day consider inviting them to join in your Father's Day celebration. You'll help someone who's probably feeling down, and your dad won't feel bad about bragging later on about the great day he had with his family.


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