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Seniors Well-Being in 2021: How to Manage Senior Health Issues

Posted by Daystar Retirement Village on Jun 16, 2021 8:34:07 AM

It’s never a bad time to refocus on your overall health and well-being, and this can be even more true for seniors. For example, maybe there are areas in your life you feel you or your loved one have neglected and it’s time to start fresh with healthy practices and habits. What are recommendations for seniors regarding healthcare during this time? Here are some tips for managing numerous aspects of senior health and wellness for seniors in the Seattle area.

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Daystar ensures all seniors in its facility are not just surviving when it comes to well-being, but our goal is to truly have you or your loved one thrive. We consider this both as an overall goal, while we also cater to each senior’s personal needs, interests, and physical limitations. Our staff has over 50+ years of experience combined in working with seniors in the Seattle area and you can trust that they consider all aspects of health. With this past year’s challenges, mental health, emotional well-being, and the like have been brought to the forefront as an even greater necessity within the senior community. At Daystar you can rest assured you or your loved one will not have to worry about those aspects of their health and well-being as Daystar staff are experts at ensuring seniors are flourishing while still remaining physically safe.

Mental Health

With this past year being quite the anomaly, issues of isolation and its detrimental effects on mental health, in particular, are a critical piece of well-being for seniors.  If you’re facing isolation, here are some ideas to help navigate this difficult terrain:

  • Engage in hobbies and other activities you enjoy, such as scrapbooking, creative pursuits or even creating art.
  • Try changing your perspective. For example, you could think about something that’s bothering you from a different angle, seek ways to cope with grief, or start a gratitude jar
  • Focus on reducing your stress and anxiety by cutting unnecessary stressors from your life and engaging in stress-relieving activities like exercise, meditation, and deep breathing.
  • Spend time with other people, or communicate with them through technology if you’re not able to see or interact with others in person.
  • Seek professional intervention like counseling if you feel your symptoms are more than you can handle on your own.

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Isolation becomes more of a risk as you age, and it’s important to take steps to prevent it. Social isolation is more serious than you might think. Believe it or not, it can contribute to an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, mental health concerns, and premature death. Fortunately, this is an area that’s adjustable, as you can quickly take steps to avoid isolation and socialize more. Therefore, you can take charge of your own health!

Being social is sometimes a challenge, especially for some personalities more than others. The key is to find an activity you enjoy and to engage in it with those who share your passions and pursuits. For example, you could exercise, do a hobby, watch television, put together a puzzle or take a class with other people. If you need help, try meeting others by getting and regularly walking a dog. Even during these times, we have a safe environment strategically set up at Daystar Retirement Village where you would be around caregivers and other community members instead of feeling all alone.

Physical Health

Now’s a great time to get back on track with any areas of physical health you’ve let slide, as well as to continue the healthy habits you’ve been practicing. What can be done to help seniors during this time? Here are some health tips for seniors in West Seattle:

  • Aim to improve your overall mobility. Notice areas of your body with room for improvement, and focus on the specific mobility advice you may have been told by a health professional. Choose stretching and exercises that improve mobility. If you need help, physical therapy or an exercise professional can guide you. Also, consider how mobility aids could help support your movement if needed.
  • Focus on memory care: Engage in activities that support your memory such as journaling for seniors, doing brain exercises, socializing, and organizing your life. Overall health also supports memory, such as getting enough sleep, following a good diet and exercise plan, and managing a chronic health condition.
  • Manage physical ailments or debilities: Check in with your doctor on the management of any physical ailment or debility you may have. See if you’re on the right track or if there are additional steps you could take to be in your best health. This step may include adding components like physical therapy to your care routine.
  • Keep up with everyday health: Make sure to get your regular health checkups, and ask your doctor about ways to achieve better health while aging, including how to maintain a healthy weight. If you have not already, consider getting your COVID vaccine for your health and so you can engage safely with other people again.


Health isn’t only about doctor’s visits and managing health conditions. It’s also about improving your overall wellness. Consider wellness activities for adults such as participating in an exercise session, practicing yoga, taking classes to learn something new, and joining activities just for fun. Focus on all aspects of health and wellness for seniors in Seattle, including mental, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and social health. As obvious as it might sound, wellness is not only good for you, but it can also be enjoyable when tied into an activity you love; so try to find physical activities that bring you joy. There is something out there for everyone and Daystar staff with their wide depth of experience can easily help you or your loved one identify that one activity you can’t live without.


Find support through family during this time. Family can ward off isolation, whether you see each other in person or you connect in other ways like talking over the phone. Also, your family may be able to bring you to medical visits, help you keep up with your health management, and research new senior health options to make your life better. There are overlapping ways to integrate health and family beyond simply spending time together.


Technology is another aspect of life that can help facilitate your health during this time. You can use technology to communicate with family and friends when you’re not able to talk to them in person. There are many tools you can try, such as texting, video chatting, using social media, sending pictures, and emailing. You could also use technology to help you eat healthily, sleep better and exercise. For instance, consider wearable devices, health apps, and online trainers. You could also look for tech tools that support your mobility. It may mean learning something new, but even learning can help to keep a senior’s brain sharp and agile.

See the Value in an Active Adult Community

Overall being in an active adult community like Daystar Retirement Village, seniors are supported and encouraged to grow in their health and wellness. And that's just on the surface level, being connected to a community dramatically increases overall mental and emotional well-being across the board for adults. Daystar is poised and ready to help you manage any of your health needs by providing medical care, fitness classes, nutrition, access to health professionals, and socialization. We have gotten creative even this past year as it relates to ways to socialize and focus on mental health when isolation feels heightened. At Daystar we offer a safe, loving, and fun environment for seniors that keeps you from feeling alone and gives you a caring community to interact with. Contact us to learn more about our senior apartments, independent living, assisted living, and respite care options.

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