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Your Questions Answered: Life at Daystar [& Video!]

Posted by Jan Wieder on Dec 10, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Here at Daystar Retirement Village, we believe transparency and honesty are integral parts of what makes our community so great for residents and staff alike. Whether you or a loved one are part of our resident family, or you're interested in life at Daystar, we're here to answer your questions.

Your Questions Answered Life at Daystar [& Video!] | Daystar Retirement Village West Seattle WA

As virtual communications are the best way to keep everyone safe during this time, we've also created a video to share with you in your homes, which you can view below, featuring Daystar's Sales Director, Jason, and Executive Director, Robyn.

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Question: What Are You Doing to Keep Residents Safe During the Pandemic?

As there is a lot that goes into keeping both residents and staff safe during these times, we have created a tried-and-true screening process. Upon entrance to the facility, staff or residents are given a temperature check and a list of questions regarding symptoms, recent travel history, and more.

There are only certain areas and paths that visitors to our campus are allowed to enter, in an effort to keep residents and their areas as safe as possible.

In the early stages of the pandemic, residents were asked to mostly remain in their living areas to air on the side of caution, but we have since been able to re-introduce the usage of our dining hall in a very socially-distant manner, but also so that the important feeling of connection and camaraderie amongst individuals can be maintained. 


Question: Describe the Setting that Residents Move Into, Please?

Here at Daystar, we offer apartment-style living. Most seniors have been in their homes for decades, and though the feeling of your "home" is irreplaceable, we pride ourselves in providing the same independence and privacy that one would find in an aging-in-place situation, but with additional benefits.

Residents have their own space, wonderful indoor amenities and outdoor grounds with walking trails, benches, and sitting areas to enjoy the fresh air, safe and socially distant dining and activities such as origami and other crafts, and the important opportunity to meet new people and form new connections. 

Please note that our ability to facilitate these small group activities and dining activities continues to fluctuate as Governor Inslee issues varying COVID-19 Response guidance.

During times of less restrictions, Daystar also offers transportation for residents to run errands, attend appointments, and live their day-to-day lives. 


Question: How Are You Helping Residents Stay Connected with Family and Friends?

Connection with loved ones is extremely important for senior health, as well as the rest of us! Daystar has iPads and laptops which allows residents to get on video calls on apps like Zoom to converse with family and friends, as well as attend telehealth appointments with their doctors and physicians to receive safe, proper health care during these times.


Question: What Is the Cost of Your Apartments?

Our apartments range in options based on what best suits the needs and preferences of each resident. Our studio apartments range from $2,195 - $2,595 per month, dependent on square footage. One-bedroom apartments are currently $2,995 per month, and our two-bedroom option is currently $3,500 per month. Check for up-to-date pricing and availability here.

Daystar takes great pride in providing truly competitive pricing for retirement living in the West Seattle area.


Question: What is Daystar's Price-Matching Policy?

When the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head, we realized this had a major financial effect on people near and far. We then initiated the Daystar Value Match Program, which creates a win/win situation for all involved.

If a prospective resident is visiting multiple retirement communities in the area and receives a lower cost from a competing local senior living community, we urge the individual to come back to us and present the price, so we can match it.


Question: What is the Advantage to Moving into Daystar versus Staying Home?

Though the last year has been full of unchartered territory for all of us, we firmly believe the advantage Daystar is able to offer residents is the ability to establish a safe environment for residents to live. 

Many of our new residents were previously aging-in-place, and had been isolated through the months-long first wave of the pandemic. Now, they are able to enjoy and interact with other residents in an environment that is constantly monitored for safety. Residents are able to build new friendships, obtain any needs they may have such as grocery orders, delivery services, and more, which are opportunities they may not otherwise have had while aging-in-place and the isolation that sometimes comes with that lifestyle.


Question: What is the One Thing You Want People to Know About Daystar?

The sense of family. Not only are you supported from move-in on day one, but that support is continued throughout residents' entire time with us. We are here to take care people the way that their loved ones would hope they would be taken care of, and more-so how people would want to be taken care of themselves.


Question: What is the Best Way to Contact Daystar?

Contact our team at:

Phone: (206) 937-6122
Online: Click here!

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