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Life-Long Learning Tips for Seniors in West Seattle

Posted by Daystar Retirement Village on Jul 28, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Have you thought about going back to college? Why not check out the new park in town? Everyone is looking for new things to do in retirement. The benefits of life-long learning are well researched. Learning new skills is the key to staying sharp because it trains our brain to expect to learn in the future.

Daystar Village in Federal Way, Washington is happy to offer some of our insights that keep our residents engaged, connected, and enthusiastic lifelong learners. We understand the unique challenges of offering learning options for active seniors as well as seniors with limited mobility. Supporting and empowering this diverse and vibrant group of seniors is our privilege.

Life-Long Learning Tips for Seniors in West Seattle

Memory and Aging

Older people’s capacity to learn and remember differs from their younger counterparts. Neural responses such as those needed to hold a simple conversation take longer as cells deteriorate naturally with age. It takes longer to process what you hear, retrieve the correct information and form a response. It’s okay that everything feels slower. The National Institute on Aging provides some great information on normal memory changes with age, and many older adults are comforted to hear that they’re not alone. If you’re concerned about increasing forgetfulness, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Types of Activities for Seniors

Consider that activities you repeat will receive priority when your brain is building connections. Establish and protect healthy routines and challenge your brain to anticipate that something new could happen at any moment by building in a healthy dose of novelty. Our options for lifelong learning include trendy new hobbies for seniors and tried and true favorites because this balance is so important. Keep learning after retirement by engaging in life-long learning activities from our list below.

Online Activities for Seniors

The internet provides so many avenues for engagement and information if users are savvy and stick to trusted sources. Here are some ways seniors use the internet for life-long learning:

  • Stay connected online- Use skype, zoom, or facetime to have a face-to-face conversation with loved ones at a distance.
  • News- Everyone needs to be careful of the news they read online. Check a few reputable sources for up-to-date information about current events.
  • Online classes for seniors
    • Enrichment classes for seniors- Sign up for an online class or check out a video tutorial on a free page like youtube to learn more about anything that piques your interest.
    • College classes for seniors- You can go to college at any age, in fact, many colleges in the Seattle area offer free or very reduced tuition to seniors. Take advantage of courses and personalized feedback and attention by attending college classes in retirement.
Online Activities for Seniors in West Seattle

Keep it Moving

Physical activity is important at every age. It contributes to improved mental health, better sleep, and a host of protective health factors. If you’re moving, so is your landscape. Notice what’s happening around you and enjoy engagement while you’re out and about. Try gentle yoga, walking, or Tai Chi.  Looking for more ideas for physical activities for seniors? We’ve got you covered in our blog here.


Be a Tourist in your Town

Seattle offers world-class entertainment. If you’re local, hop on a ferry or visit Chihuly Gardens for an interesting local adventure. There’s something unique about every area that draws out-of-towners. Google, “senior activities near me.” Go experience it with fresh eyes. Take in the seasonal fun in your area. Don’t miss out on festivals, farmers' markets, and parades. You’re available during work hours and you can often enjoy a smaller crowd, which is especially helpful if you experience limited mobility.


Life-Long Learning Tips for Seniors in West Seattle

Stay Connected to Current Culture

Take in a lecture or museum exhibit. Go to the theater! Taking in new displays of art and history challenges you to see new things in old ways and consider new possibilities. Daystar Village brings in a variety of engaging speakers to enthrall and inform our residents. 

Low-Stress job

We know you just retired. Hear us out. Low-stress jobs for seniors provide a great way to keep a daily routine. Many of the most successful hobbies for retired men involve joining a club, volunteering, or taking on a low-stress job. One of our residents mows golf courses in exchange for a small salary and club membership. Another runs the register at his favorite bookstore. This is the kind of job were talking about.

Take it Outside

Spend time in nature. Sit and feel the breeze. Note the expression of the seasons. Tend house and yard plants and watch them grow. Nature presents constant riddles and beckons us ever towards curiosity and wonder, especially when we take the time to look.


Life-Long Learning Tips for Seniors in West Seattle


Spend time with people who care about the same things you do. Volunteering connects you to an instant community and provides structure to your schedule. Consider volunteering in an area where you’re especially passionate or knowledgable. Could you be an usher at a local theater? Does the beach cleanup crew need help?

Let us Fill Your Dance Card in West Seattle

Daystar Village Retirement Community offers an enticing schedule of daily events and amenities to be sure our residents have the right opportunities and options, even though each of our residents chooses differently among them. We can’t wait to meet you and hear about how we can fit your needs and personality. Reach out today to start the conversation.

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