Making the Most of Technology: Staying In Touch With Your Family in Assisted Living

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jun 21, 2018 12:38:00 PM

One of the biggest worries about moving to assisted living is the fear of isolation and not seeing family members as often as you'd like. Luckily today's technology has made this a thing of the past!

Just a few decades ago it was hard to stay in touch if family moved more than an hour or so drive away. Long distance phone calls were expensive and travel by air was a luxury many couldn't afford too often, so face-to-face visits were a premium event. Today's technology has changed that, and now you can visit with your family every day if you wish. Here are a few ways to use technology to keep in touch when you're in assisted living:

Cell Phones

Cell phones have made long distance charges a quaint memory of the past. With nationwide unlimited minutes and family plans you can chat with every member of the family every day if you chose to! You can also receive and send photos at the push of a button, so make it a priority to learn all the tricks your cell phone can do.  Look for a larger model that's easy to read and has a keyboard you can manage, then you can ask your grandkids to give you some lessons!

Video Chatting

Skype, FaceTime, and similar programs make staying in touch a fun way to touch base. You can make video calls anywhere in the world, watch your granddaughter's soccer game, and even invite your family to join you at dinnertime or talk to your doctor during your checkup.


Every senior needs a tablet. With touch screens and easy-to-use apps tablets are the ultimate toy for seniors with no computer skills or experience. You can also use them to play games, send emails, share photos, or read books so a tablet should be on every senior's wish list. Look for an easy to use model with a big screen that features apps you know you'll use and enjoy.


If you're a computer savvy senior you can use a laptop to stay in touch. Laptops allow you to send emails, photos, and other media to your family and friends both individually or by group. You can also use a built-in webcam to access the video chat features mentioned above or join a genealogy website and teach your grandchildren about their history.

With all of these featured gadgets you can join social media groups and stay in touch with your friends, neighbors, and family. So choose your technology, learn to use all the features, and download some great books and games while you're at it!


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