On-Site Health Providers Keep Seniors Healthy and Happy in West Seattle

Posted by Marlene Williams on May 25, 2016 11:30:00 AM

On-site-health-providers-keep-seniors-healthy-and-happy-in-West-Seattle.jpgOur goal at Daystar Retirement Village is to help our residents live healthy, happy lives and reduce the need, as far as possible, for medical interventions. Of course we all appreciate our doctors and medical professionals, but the less time spent in waiting rooms, the better.

Assisted living communities were created for people who wanted or needed assistance with some activities of daily living, like meal preparation, for example, but did not need on-going skilled nursing care. Still, in our efforts to provide our residents with the best care possible, we have added a number of healthcare professionals to our team, either as staff members or as contract professionals.

For instance, our Director of Health Services is Rickie Chipman, a registered nurse. Rickie is always available to talk with residents and their families about health concerns or to check in on residents if they are ill. Rickie often gets calls from adult children living out of the area who want her to check in on a mother or father who has been feeling poorly. Mom or Dad may say they are doing fine, but it is usually a big relief to have Rickie confirm that all is well.

Rickie also oversees our medication management program. Taking the right medications at the right time under the right conditions at the right dosage can be a challenge for any of us. Rickie and her staff work hard to make sure our residents are following their medication protocols.

Daystar Retirement Village is also fortunate to have several healthcare professionals who provide services here at the facility. Residents who need physical therapy or occupational therapy can get those services right here at Daystar through the services of Independence Rehab.

We also are fortunate to be able to offer massage therapy. Obviously massage therapy has been around for a very, very long time, but the benefits of “healing touch” seem to be much in the news these days. We’re glad residents can enjoy a soothing, relaxing massage without leaving home.

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