The Benefits of an Assisted Living Community

Posted by Jim Fuller on Jun 20, 2017 8:29:00 AM

_The_Benefits_of_an_Assisted_Living_Community_.jpgAs your parents age they may become set in their ways, especially when it pertains to continuing to live independently. If you're exploring different living choices for your elderly parents you may be confused about assisted living and whether it has any real benefits for seniors. Here's a brief look at the key advantages your parents will gain when they move to an assisted living campus:

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Safety Aspects

According to the National Council on Aging falls are the number one cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries to senior citizens. Slipping in the tub or on a rug can incur devastating and life-altering injuries for the elderly because they may not fully recover from a broken hip or blow to the head. In contrast, assisted living apartments are designed with senior needs in mind. Handrails are strategically placed, emergency call buttons are available, and staff is trained to regularly check on the wellbeing of the residents. If a fall should occur help is immediately available and medical assistance is onsite to promptly evaluate the damage and provide treatment.

Emotional Benefits

Often when seniors live alone they become isolated, especially when they lose the ability to drive and socialize in the manner they've become accustomed to. Living in an assisted living community provides social activities and interaction with neighbors who share their interests, and will let your parents enjoy their hobbies and interests without the pressure of trying to arrange transportation to their local senior center or other venue. If they do wish to travel transportation is provided, so they can enjoy trips to shopping centers, appointments, and local attractions without feeling they are putting a burden on you and other family members.

Health Factors

Besides having trained medical personnel available around the clock your parent will find endless health benefits when they move to an assisted living campus. There are fitness classes designed especially for their physical abilities and disabilities, so they're going to see an overall boost in health. You won't have to worry about their diet anymore, either. Meals are prepared for optimum nutritional value and the wide variety of foods mean they'll be eating more, too.


The best part about moving to an assisted living campus is that your parents will still have their independence. In fact, they'll be more independent than they were living in their old home because they won't have to worry so much. Their bills will be paid, there are no more home repairs or maintenance to worry about, even the housekeeping and meals are taken care of. Perhaps the biggest relief they'll find is that they no longer feel like their becoming a burden on you, their adult child. Instead of spending your time checking on their wellbeing you can enjoy your visits with peace of mind. Isn't that the most important thing?

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