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4 Ways Senior Living Boosts Mental Health

Posted by Daystar Retirement Village on Oct 20, 2021 1:22:14 PM

With the onset of the sunset years, comes the fears of aging, including concerns over declining physical health and mental well-being. You may find yourself trying to figure out how to cope with aging and dealing with feeling retired and depressed. There are many aspects of senior life that can negatively impact your mental health such as isolation, loneliness, medication, restricted mobility, and a lack of independence. Your life may have changed greatly from how it was when you were younger, and these changes can take a toll on your mental health.

4 Ways Senior Living Boosts Mental Health

While physical health is very important for seniors, we wanted to focus this article on ways to boost mental health, including how senior living can help. At Daystar Retirement Village in West Seattle, WA, we provide clinical services and a variety of activities to help boost mental health. We also have caring and experienced staff who can identify mental health concerns and help to find solutions.

Senior Mental Health Solutions

First, let’s consider, what are the psychological effects of retirement? This stage of life can include the loss of things like a sense of purpose, a career identity, and the social support of co-workers. In addition, retirement allows for more free time, which can create more leisure and hobbies. Yet, these can also lead to tensions with a spouse, social isolation, and the uncertainty of what to do with yourself. While some people face this time with excitement and purpose, others may struggle with feelings of loss, depression, and anxiety.

What activities boost mental health for aging adults? You can seek out ways to improve your mental health during the senior years. Here are some senior wellness tips to use as ideas:

  • Volunteer your time for a cause you feel passionate about
  • Reach out to loved ones and old friends
  • Make new friends, especially with like-minded seniors in a similar life stage
  • Participate in mental health programs for older adults
  • Seek out group or individual mental health counseling
  • Find a sense of purpose through hobbies, a part-time job, or other activities
  • Try activities that focus on brain health for seniors
  • Join a senior center for socializing, senior classes, and other activities
  • Incorporate physical activity and de-stressing activities, such as deep breathing, into your life
  • Talk to someone about your thoughts and feelings

How Senior Living Helps Mental Health

In addition to prioritizing activities that boost mental health on your own, consider how a senior living community might give you added support. Here are four ways:

1. Socialization

If you continue to live in the same home during your senior years or you downsize into a new home, you may find yourself feeling isolated and alone. Over time, it’s common to lose the support of co-workers, friends, and even a spouse who has died. You may have moved away from neighbors, and your grown children may have moved away from you as well. Living by yourself is not always the best way to support your mental health. Instead, you could socialize with our other residents by moving to Daystar’s senior living community.

2. Activities

Senior living provides an array of activities to fill your day, give you a schedule to follow, provide a sense of purpose, keep you active, and ignite your passion. All of these things can offer a boost to your mental health. At Daystar, we have a full schedule of events and activities designed to keep you entertained, active, and healthy. Here are some of the mental health-boosting activities you could engage in through our senior community:

  • Walking club
  • Fitness classes
  • Scenic drives
  • Hobbies like crafts and card games
  • Birthday parties
  • Book club and Bible studies

3. Clinical Services

We have a team of trained, experienced staff members who are on the lookout to ensure each resident is doing well. They can intervene if they notice mental health concerns, as well as medical concerns that could impact mental health. Everyone on our team does everything they can to promote all aspects of wellness for each resident in our care.

4. Independence

At Daystar, we have different levels of care available to help each person have as much independence as possible. Depending on your needs, you could choose from our 55+ apartments, independent living, or assisted living. We provide the right balance of independence and support, which can both benefit your mental health.

Top Senior Living in West Seattle, WA

At Daystar Retirement Village, we put a focus on senior mental health while targeting all aspects of a person’s wellness. See the current availability of our senior living residences, which gives you an idea of the housing types we have open. Also, contact us to ask questions, learn more, and set up a tour to see our retirement village for yourself.

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