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What Are the Rules for Visiting My Parent in Assisted Living?

Posted by Robyn Huetter on Sep 15, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Making the decision to move a senior family member to an assisted living facility isn’t easy. Even after you have done the research and found a center you approve of, you’ll want to visit to ensure your loved one’s safety and happiness. It’s important to understand how visitation works and what you can expect.

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What Are the Rules for Visiting My Parent at Your Assisted Living Facility?

Signing In

One of the main rules for visiting family at an assisted living facility is that all guests must sign in. This requirement ensures all people are accounted for in an emergency, and it enables the staff to see which resident had visitors if they are unable to remember on their own.

Many facilities require you to sign in and out, and you often must indicate who you are visiting. This is for the safety of the guests and the residents as well as to protect the center.

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Visiting Hours

Some assisted living centers have posted visiting hours. While this may or may not be enforced, it may not include family members. It’s important to ask for details about visiting hours, and find out if you can stop in outside of those hours.

These centers often lock their doors at night, which would limit any outside visitors. However, family members may be allowed to stop by as long as they can be let in by a staff member.

You’ll want to find out if you can spend the night with your loved one at the facility. Some centers have strict rules against overnight guests while others allow family to stay. You may need to receive authorization ahead of time, especially if you would require any special assistance from the staff.

Checking In

If your loved one isn’t feeling well, you may want to stop in at random times to check on their health. Find out how easy it is to visit during all three shifts, and if you need to let anyone know you have arrived.

It’s also a good idea to visit unannounced. This surprise visit lets you see how things are going with your family member when you aren’t around. Any facility that doesn’t allow random visits or overnight guests may not be the facility for you if you want to be more hands-on for your loved one.

The time to ask about visiting rules is before you commit to a facility. While most centers are accepting and even encourage visits from family, they may have rules in place for the good of the residents and to assist the staff.

The regulations may be different, depending on which area your loved one lives in. For instance, assisted living facilities for Alzheimer’s patients are often more restrictive to prevent residents from leaving the center unattended.

If you are interested in finding an assisted living center with a positive, encouraging staff who will work hard to help you maintain your relationship with your senior family member, check out Daystar. We want you to feel good about where your loved one lives and the level of care they are receiving.


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