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With No One to Help, How Can Elders Take Care of Themselves

Posted by Daystar Retirement Village on Nov 28, 2016 10:00:00 AM

With_No-One-to-Help-How-Can-Elders-Take-Care-of-ThemselvesAs people age, the issue of who will care for them or how they will receive assistance becomes more important. For those who never married or have divorced with no children, they do not have the built-in support system of those with children and grandchildren.

Even if they have brothers and sisters, they may not be in a nearby location or a position to help. A serious concern is what will happen to single seniors in their older years.

The Issues from Being Alone

The most obvious problem for those with no family to care for them is how they will get daily tasks done when they are no longer able to do things themselves. This can range from getting to appointments when they can’t drive to financial management to getting help with bathing and dressing.

Another issue is social isolation. The person has no one at home and if they are unable to get out, they may go for days without seeing anyone. The risk of depression and other mental health disorders increase without a social support network.

Then, there’s the concern about what happens when there is a major health crisis. What if the person is no longer able to provide guidance for the treatments they want? Here are some suggestions for how to handle aging alone ahead of time.

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Plan Early

Don’t wait until you need help to figure out what you’ll do. Think about the future and put plans in place. For instance, you may take out long-term care insurance where you’ll be able to receive help from home health care when you can no longer do certain tasks on your own.

You can also visit retirement communities and assisted living centers to determine where you would prefer to go when you can no longer live at home. Places like Daystar can provide peace of mind when you must receive assistance with your care.

Part of planning also means choosing someone to make medical and financial decisions for you if you become unable to do so. You may want to come up with two or three names to ensure someone will still be able to take on the responsibility. Selecting a niece or nephew or second cousin or even a younger friend to act on your behalf can provide peace of mind about the future.

Be Social

Make an effort to continue to be social even after retirement. Don’t limit your circle of friends to those around your age, but expand it to include people who are younger than you. This helps ensure you have people who will check on you and help you out if you need something.

You can join clubs and get involved with different activities, such as volunteering to help broaden your group of friends. Not only do you have more people to count on, but socializing helps you stay healthier both mentally and physically.

Change Locations

Don’t wait until you can no longer take care of yourself to think about moving. Consider communities like Daystar where you have different levels of care. You may move to a retirement community where you can be close to people your own age. As you need more assistance, you can be transferred to assisted living. Once you become dependent on help, a skilled nursing center can provide for your needs.

No matter where you are in your current situation, you should check out Daystar to see what it has to offer. Make your future plans now for when you need more care, and you can focus on enjoying your current situation.

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